Development Squad

The Development Squad mainly comprises competitive swimmers aged between 11-16. Swimmers in this bracket aim to hone their aquatic skills, move into speed and endurance training, and seek to achieve regional and national qualifying times. 

Swimmers in the Development Squad (around 15-20 swimmers) aim to swim at least 4 of 6 sessions per week. In addition, swimmers are offered a mobility and bodyweight-strength focused dryland training session each week with Clare Taylor of Kinekt Mobility Strength Performance. Many Development Squad swimmers also participate in other sports.

Development Squad swimmers train at the following times and locations (currently affected by Covid-19 restrictions):

- Mondays, BRA, 1900 - 2030

- Tuesdays, BRA, 2000 - 2130

- Wednesdays, BRA, 2000 - 2130

- Thursdays, BRA, 1930 - 2100

- Fridays, Grove, 2000 - 2130

- Saturdays or Sundays, Bangor Aurora (long course), 1500 - 1700