History of the Club

Alliance Swimming Club was founded in 1946 by a group of young men and women living in the Alliance area of North Belfast.


An outbreak of polio had closed all the public pools in Belfast and the group got together to swim at Macedon point on the north foreshore of Belfast Lough.

macedon point.jpg

Thankfully the club returned “indoors” once the pools re-opened, and for many years the club was based at the old Grove Baths on Shore Road.

old grove baths.jpg

Almost 75 years later, and after the old Grove has been replaced, the club is still thriving as the main competitive swimming club in North Belfast.

Today, we swim out of three pools in the North Belfast area - the Grove, Ballysillan, and BRA - and also run sessions at MCB and Bangor Aurora. We take swimmers from all over North Belfast and Newtownabbey, and are proud to boast a diverse membership totalling around 125 swimmers, with more than the same again learning to swim with Alliance Wavebreakers.