The Club takes the safeguarding of children very seriously and all adults who have any interplay with children under 18 are required to undertake an Access NI check and safeguarding training through Swim Ulster.


The club has two Club Children’s Officers (CCOs), who serve as the link between the children and adults in Alliance ASC and advise the Committee on Child Welfare issues. Both CCOs undertake enhanced safeguarding training in accordance with Swim Ulster policy.


The current CCOs are Corinna McWilliams and Barry O'Hara. They can be contacted by email ( and one or both of them attend most sessions.


While the CCOs represent the children in the Club, all safeguarding issues are referred to the Designated Officer who is responsible for reporting any concerns or disclosures to the statutory authorities.


The Designated Officer is Corinna McWilliams, who also sits ex officio on the Club Management Committee.

For more information on our safeguarding policies and codes of conduct, see here.